Puppies born March 12, 2024


All puppies are genetically pure (healthy) from diseases   JLPP N/N, DM N/N





Club.Ch, J.Club.Ch, GrCh.Rus, Rus.Ch, J.GrCh.Rus, J.Ch.Rus, Ch.RKF, J.Ch.RKF, 3 x BIS, BIS.J, 2 x BIS-II, 2 x BIS-III, BIS-IV, 9 x BIG, 5 x КЧК, 3 x Ю.КЧК, 10 x CAC, 8 x J.CAC, 15 x BOB, 15 x BOS

Working cert.: T - 1


Health tests:


Int.Ch, AsW, 4 x Club.Ch , J.Club.Ch, Grand Kaz.Ch, Grand Kgz.Ch, GrCh.Rus, Kaz.Ch, Kgz.Ch, Rus.Ch, J.GrCh.Rus, J.Ch.Rus, 19 x Ch.RKF , SKK.Ch (kaz) 5, SKKR.Ch (kgz) 2, 7 x OANKOO.Ch (rus) , 10 x RFLS.Ch (rus) , 2 x RFOS.Ch (rus) , 8 x RFSS.Ch (rus), 5X BIS, BIS.J, 2X BIS-II, BIS-IV, 13X BIG, 2X BIG-II, 9X BIG-III, 22X CACIB


Working cert.: ОКD-2, ZКS-3, T-1


Health tests:

HD-A, ED-0, HUU-N/HU, JLPP-N/N, DM- N/N, Kb/Kb


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A stork flew to our kennel "Deneb-Keitos" (www.d-keitos.ru) and brought us a new litter of Russian Black Terrier puppies!

3 males and 3 females were born. The puppies are large, wide, of the same type, all puppies with long tails.

Genetically free from diseases JLPP N/N, DM N/N.

The pedigree includes dogs from famous kennels, linear breeding, with the accumulation of blood on the best Russian dogs. A unique combination of the working line and the Champion line!

Puppies from this litter will be of interest to those who want to engage in breeding work with the breed and exhibitions, for those who want to engage in sports, as well as for those who simply want to have at home a luxurious representative of the Russian Black Terrier as a faithful friend and guard.

Now let’s tell you more about the parents of our puppies:

 Father of the puppies: - EMIR IZ KNYAZHESTVA VOL'GI - large, excellent type with a beautiful body silhouette, powerful and stylish. Has light and flying movements with wide steps. Excellent structured and coarse wool. Has a balanced character. Has healthy joints HD-B, ED-0, and also has genetic tests JLPP-NN, DM-NN. Consistent winner of numerous BIS-1.




Mother of the puppies: DENEB-KEITOS YAROSLAVA KRASNO SOLNYSHKO is a stunningly beautiful, stylish and harmoniously built dog. Excellent show dog, winner of numerous BIS. In a short time, she received a huge number of titles, becoming the most titled black terrier in Siberia!
Absolutely healthy in joints, has an official test for dysplasia HD-A, ED-0. Genetically healthy (JLPP N/N, DM N/N, HUU N/HU).
Large, massive body with excellent balance. Square format, with a pronounced high front. Good volume of ribs, deep chest. Quite a long neck, magnificent breed and massive head, dark eyes and gums. Correct shoulder angle, very beautiful rear angles of the limbs. Thick and elegant wool. Free movement with excellent propulsion. Magnificent psyche and excellent show courage!




We hope that these puppies will become a decoration of exhibitions, training grounds and your pride!!!



Help in delivering puppies all over the world!





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