PUPPY FOR SALE (age 45 days)





JLPP: N/N (clear), HUU: N/N (clear)

  Stunningly beautiful, intelligent and educated kid. It has impeccable anatomy, very large, wide, bony, with a solid and deep body. Two  normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.. It has a magnificent head, wide jaws. Complete set of teeth, perfect bite. Dark eyes. Excellent angles of the limbs, strong back, well-marked high withers. It has an elegant and thick black fur coat.
By nature - Confident, fairly calm, balanced, a little imposing kid. It has a sociable character, convivial, cheerful, very affectionate. Smart, knows and loves to learn, to learn new things.
The puppy is microchipped and has a great perspective for show / sports / breeding.


Breeder: Natalia  +7-908-950-29-33 (Viber, WhatsApp)

e-mail :


Photos of a puppy at the age of 1 month







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