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Working cert: Т1, ОКD-3

Test dysplasia: HD, ED

Genetic tests: JLPP: N/N (clear)


Rus.Ch, J.Rus.Ch, RKF.Ch, 3х САС,5х BOB, 5x J.CAC, 4хЛЮ, Ю.КЧК


Working cert: Т1

Test dysplasia: HD, ED

Genetic tests: JLPP: N/N (clear)

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Puppy age 45 days

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Deneb-Keitos Largus Velikolepnyy

(male) tattoo NEH 806

for sale

Massive, very strong baby, with a solid and flawless body in structure. Large powerful head, black pigment of the eyes and gums. Excellent dental system, wide and powerful jaws. Elegant wool of the correct structure. Serious and sensible guy, acts of a true dog. First Meat - then action. Until I ate, I did not get up. But when we eat very lively, playful, inquisitive. Cheerful optimist, loves to be with the owner, will be a faithful companion in any campaigns. Perfectly finds a common language with absolutely everyone, be it a person or a dog. He likes to listen when talking to him, becomes very attentive. Quickly learns everything, loves to play with toys and fall asleep next to the owner.


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Deneb-Keitos Liva Chornaya Koroleva

(female) tattoo NEH 807

Sold out

Strong and stocky girl. Very voluminous and massive. Excellent head, dark pigment of the eyes and gums. Very wide range of teeth. Breed elegant wool. Cheerful and mischievous girl. Loves to show off. Beautifully behaves. Cheerful and energetic baby, different unconditional love for people, very affectionate and gentle. Like all children, it is playful and active, intelligent and malleable, but at the same time it keeps a watchful eye on what is happening around, the fly does not fly past it, it always sees and notices everything! Become an ideal companion, loyal friend and most loyal guard.


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Deneb-Keitos Lirika Serebryanogo Veka

(female) tattoo NEH 808

for sale

Large, voluminous and compact girl. It has an ideal body structure, with a large head and a good dental system. Excellent angles of the limbs, strong back. Possesses breed and the correct on structure wool. The real little princess is a cheerful and sociable girl, she has immense charm and charisma, with one look at her the mood always rises. Moving, cheerful, extremely clever, always ready for games, always friendly, friendly and sociable. Very affectionate and gentle in communication, appreciates attention, strive to please everyone in everything.


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Deneb-Keitos Livada Krasa Koroleva Yuga

(female) tattoo NEH 809

Sold out

Strong, voluminous girl with excellent body proportions. Good head and excellent dental system. Calm and balanced baby. Affectionate and gentle in communication. Likes to listen. Very diligent, attentive and by virtue of his age, a little naive, immensely friendly, gets along well with other animals, and he just worships man. Very smart, quickly learns everything. He likes to attract attention to himself, very people-oriented ..


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Deneb-Keitos Leya Zvozdnaya Printsessa

(female) tattoo NEH 810

for sale

Stylish and anatomical girl with a harmonious body structure. Excellent angles of the limbs, beautiful in front. Gorgeous head with a dark pigment. A good line of teeth. Very clever and smart girl. She loves to learn everything new, she is a great contact, a lively and energetic girl. He likes to eat, always the first one runs to the cup, and will not leave until everything is eaten. Beautifully behaves. Has a lively and energetic character, very agile and playful. He has excellent contact with the owner, constantly looks into his eyes and is waiting for the approval of his actions. Good guard.



age 2.5 weeks

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In  the end of the outgoing year December 17, 2018 in our cattery Deneb-Keitos  ( A new litter of Russian Black Terrier puppies was born (1 male and 4 females) from two Russian Bogatyr  - Jupiter and Stella. 


Puppies are large, wide, of the same type, without spots. All puppies with long tails.


In the pedigree of puppies are dogs from famous kennels. Professional breeding puppies.


The father of Jupiter puppies is a sturdy, well-bred, broad-bodied, very tall (82cm) and perfectly built male with well developed muscles. Despite its impressive dimensions, it moves easily and freely. It has a large head, an ideal tooth system, with very wide jaws and dark pigment of the eyes and gums. Strong good neck length, powerful withers, correct top lines, wide chest, good angles, free, regular and productive movements. Excellent structure  tough wool.

By the nature of restrained to others, but full of love, affection, openness, tenderness and desire to constantly communicate with their own. A wonderful companion, nanny and security guard. A good father, his children successfully pass training and win at shows!

(Dimensions: height at withers 82 cm, chest size 97 cm, girth of leg 16.5 cm, head length 33 cm, weight 68kg)






Mother puppies: Stella - Strong, powerful and beautifully built bitch. Good growth (73cm), with excellent muscles and a harmonious body structure. Square format. Deep and bulky chest, well-defined front. Excellent head with rich pigment of eyes and gums, very wide jaws. It has excellent limb angles and a good balance. Beautifully moving has elegant wool. She has a calm and balanced character. Perfectly gets along with other animals and loves children. To outsiders is wary, good guard.

(Dimensions: height at withers 73cm, volume of chest 91cm, girth of leg 15cm, head length 31cm, weight 55kg)




Parents are excellent in type, perfectly complementing each other. In this combination, we hope to get decent children, very large, strong and mobile, with the correct anatomy, with perfect compact bodies and pedigree heads. And most importantly, they have excellent character, ideal psyche and strong Siberian health!


We hope that these puppies will decorate exhibitions, training grounds and your pride !!!


All puppies are genetically pure JLPP N / N (Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis / Polyneuropathy).



Our puppies are promising for shows, sports and breeding!

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