Male or Female?

f you have found "your" breed you should decide what puppy to prefer - a male or a female. Each sex has its' advantages and disadvantages. Males impress by their mighty outlook. However they are a little bit harder to train, because a male feels himself a leader of troop. When they grow up, you'll often have to remind them who's the muster of the house.

But it would be unfair to say that with regard to affection and love to children females surpass males. If there are any females in heat in the neighborhood a male becomes anxious. He eats bad and tends to visit his chosen one. The need for marking trees, bushes and corners of houses for indicating a male's territory may also be regarded as not too pleasant feature. Females are naturally predisposed to subordination thus one faces less problems while fostering, though there are also some exceptions.

Two times a year during the periods of heat a female becomes less attached to home and her masters and at this time it should be kept under a strict control. In order to avoid meetings with males during heat we take our female dogs out of town. Anyway one should be sure there are no stroll males around


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