Our Policy

First of all, I am looking for a responsible person who is willing to take GREAT care of my puppies when determining a buyer. Buyers must agree to keep an eye on the dog throughout it's lifespan making sure not to let it run loose through the neighborhood unsupervised. Socialization is a large part of being a responsible owner but even a good dog can do bad things if left to run loose without supervision.


Included with Puppy are:
A complete application RKF-FCI
Socialization with both children and adults.
Top-notch care from an experienced breeder, giving the puppies the very best care from day one.

Reserving a Puppy:
Early reservations are highly recommended.
The pick number is the order in which everyone picks a certain sex from the litter. If you have 1st pick male, that means that you get to pick first from all of the males that are available in the litter. The next person to come pick from them all would be the person with 2nd pick male, etc...


We start off taking 3 deposits for each sex, when the litter is born we will take more depending on what we have.
We reserve the right to have 1st pick of either sex from any litter without notice on any litter. (this would be under special circumstances only... for example: the loss of a stud or bitch where offspring are needed to preserve my breeding stock).

Deposits and all monies received are non-refundable but are transferrable to a future litter.
If you put a deposit down on a puppy and transfer to another litter, we will not increase the price on you. You will pay the price you were quoted when you put your deposit down. Please be aware that 1st picks may cost more than lower picks so this may not be applicable if you are transferring from a lower pick. We will tell you the price for 1st picks if this happens and you can decide whether you want to upgrade to a higher pick or choose another pick from the litter. If the sex of the puppy you wanted is not available, then you will be moved to the next available litter.

We will contact you by email most of the time. Please make sure that your email program doesn't send our message to the spam or junkmail box. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with us, if we cannot contact you we cannot be responsible if you miss out on getting your puppy or other important information from us. We do not have time to chase people down...

Paying for a Puppy:
We take deposits by Western Yuniorn or other wire transfers sent to our home. Buyer's deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will be put back up for sale if you do not pay for your puppy on time or do not come and get your puppy when you are expected here.
If you are picking the puppy up at our home, you may pay your balance at that time. You will need to bring cash.


Picking a Puppy from the Litter:
People will pick their puppy in order, beginning with those who have first picks of each sex. First and second picks usually cost a little more but you have more puppies in the litter to choose from. Every puppy we produce is of the highest quality so no matter what pick you get, you are going to get a high quality dog. Sometimes the puppies that we reccommend and would have chosen for ourselves are the last to go. So don't think that because you have one of the last picks that you will get a puppy you don't like We have honestly never had an issue with that!


Buyers who have 1st pick that are shipping their puppy, must choose their pick by the age of 6 weeks old or we will pick for you. Shipping charges and balances on the puppy will need to be paid before the puppies turn 7 weeks old so we can make flight reservations for them to fly to you at 8 weeks old.

We allow those who are picking their puppy up here at our home, to choose their puppy on the pickup day we designate for everyone. You may also pay your balance for the puppy when you come to our home with cash.
If you are shipping and do not have first pick, you will need to pick several pups that you like in the order that you like them (1st choice, 2nd choice etc..) at 6 weeks of age and let me know which ones you like the most in the correct order. That way if those who are picking before you, and after you, are coming to pick here at our home at 8 weeks old, we will know which puppy you would like the most after the person before you picks, and we can let those who are picking after you know which puppy you chose (written highest on your list and not chosen by the person before you). In that case, we will notify you the next day (after pickup day, because we are usually very busy that day) as to which puppy highest on your list is reserved for you. If you do not like the puppy you end up with you must notify us by the next day that you would like to be put back on the list for another litter in the future. Ideally this should not happen, because you will provide me with the list I mentioned above with your first choices at 6 weeks of age, showing me which puppies you like. So if there for some weird reason there is a puppy you just do not want to own, please tell me when you write your list!

Make sure that your contact information is up to date with us, we cannot be held responsible for you not picking your puppy in time if we cannot contact you.

We take group shots of all puppies once a week before their eyes open. After their eyes open, we will take 2-3 pictures of each puppy at different angles every 2 weeks until it is time for them to go to their new homes.

We will announce a pickup day and time for everyone to arrive on for those picking their puppy out in person at our home. We try to schedule the time in which you will arrive as an individual appointment. You will need to get here at that time so that you can pick in the order that you are listed on the pick list. That is only fair to everyone, we will give you at least an hour to get here after your designated time in case you get lost. If you do not arrive within that time frame and the next person shows up at their scheduled time, they will be allowed to go ahead and pick their puppy from the litter before you.



Transferring a Deposit to Another Litter:

If you should decide that there is not a puppy in the litter that you want, the deposit can be transferred to a future litter but we must know that you want to transfer the deposit BEFORE the puppies reach 6 weeks of age.
This gives us time to find the little guy a new home because others will know which puppies are available to choose from.
If you transfer your deposit to another litter, you will be placed after the other names already on the list. Getting first pick once you transfer from one litter to another is not guaranteed because of this.
We have been breeding dogs for over a 15 years old and plan to keep breeding them for many more years. Please keep up with the breedings we have going on if you have decided to transfer a deposit. Just let us know when a breeding interests you and we will then put your deposit toward that breeding.

Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks old.
Shipping is an extra cost. This includes crate, all required documents, and transportation to the airport.
Shipping must be paid for in full before the puppies reach 7 weeks old.


If you cannot pick the puppy up at the designated time of pickup, please talk with us first and we may be able to work something out. If you do not talk to us about it and you miss the designated pickup day, each day following that will be charged $10 per day to cover additional vaccinations, food, and care needed at that time. This charge is in place mainly to deter people from waiting too long to pick their puppy up. You wouldn't believe how long people try to leave puppies if you don't put rules in place! I am flexible enough to allow pickup a few days late with no charges if people talk to me about it first and we can agree on a new time. We give the puppies plenty of attention and love but not as much as they would have if they were to be with the family that bought them. They need constant one-on-one attention and we have many dogs that we have to distribute that attention to. So it just isn't fair to make the puppies wait for too long. They are very impressionable at that age so it is the best time for them to become adjusted to a new family.

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