Contract of sale of dogs

The Seller sells and the Buyer buys a puppy (dog)
Breed Russian black terrier.
Seller: _________________________
All financial issues are resolved with the seller through direct negotiations.
The cost of a puppy - appoints the seller

2.1. Seller certifies that the aforesaid puppy (dog) belongs to him by right of ownership without any restrictions and claims by third parties. Vouch for purebred puppy (dog) and guarantees set out in the correct puppy card (ancestry) data.
2.2. Seller confirms that at the time of sale the puppy is completely healthy and he was not aware of any obvious defects or disqualifying characteristics and vices provided by FCI-RKF standard for the breed.
2.3. The seller claims that the puppy (dog) received the following vaccinations and veterinary treatment.
2.4. Buyer has the right within 3 days (72 hours) after the acquisition of the puppy (the dog) at their own expense to check his health in a veterinary clinic, has a state license.
2.5. Seller agrees to take back an animal with a one-time refund paid by the Purchaser for the purchase of a puppy (dog) money within 5 days from the date of sale, provided that the Purchaser veterinary conclusion of the State Veterinary Service confirming that the puppy at the time of sale was sick.
2.6. The buyer has the right to invite a veterinarian and dog handlers are participating in selecting the puppy will be able to identify gaps or previously undetected disease. Veterinarian and dog handler must provide proof of their education and access to participation in the given situation.
2.7. If the buyer does not exercise the right according to the Treaty, paragraphs 2.4. and 2.5. Further claims on the health of the puppy (dog) will not be accepted by the Seller, the return of the amounts paid is not made.
2.8. Seller agrees to assist in the provision of veterinary care, advise the Buyer on the care, feeding, education. For females, the choice of high quality male for mating. Provides technical assistance in the preparation of a puppy (dog) for participation in exhibitions.
2.9. The seller does not guarantee the buyer that sold puppy (dog) will necessarily be used in breeding work, win the shows, his parents, have good health, because these circumstances are largely dependent on the conditions of housing, feeding, education, which are provided by the Buyer.
2.10. Seller shall not be liable:
- For hidden defects and congenital diseases of the internal organs are not defined in the puppies during the inspection by visual inspection (aged from 45 days to 2 months) or acquired defects that he could not be found. This also applies to errors dilutions (eg: teeth, hair, flawed body, height, weight, timely lowering of the testes), and errors of the dog at the consumer that become apparent in the development process, and to the case when the animal , despite the time of vaccination ill during the incubation period.
3.1.1. Seller shall transfer the puppy (dog) Buyer mentally and physically healthy. In proper condition, vaccinated by age, with no visible abnormalities, defects, injuries.
3.1.2. The Seller confirms that he is not aware of the presence of a puppy of any obvious or hidden diseases.
3.1.3. The seller is exempt from liability in case of death of the puppy (dog) from congenital heart defects and abnormalities of internal organs.
3.1.4. Seller is not responsible for the state of health of the puppy (dog) after its transfer to the Purchaser if the puppy (the dog) was carried out the necessary de-worming and vaccination veterinary service authorities at the appropriate time.
3.1.5. Seller is not responsible if the disease or the death of a puppy (dog) accident, misuse, abuse her Purchaser does not implement the recommendations for the care, feeding, maintenance.
3.1.6. The risk of loss, accidental loss or damage to the puppy (dog) because of injuries, infectious diseases, theft, etc. It passes from the Seller to the Buyer at the time of the actual transfer of the puppy (dog) in the hands of the buyer.
3.1.7. Seller pays expenses when inspecting puppies, branding, production of primary vaccination, prior to the transfer puppy (dog) to the Buyer.
3.1.8. All other costs of registration of documents on the dog (pedigree reception, entrance fees to the club, payment for participation in exhibitions and competitions, getting an international veterinary passport, permission to export and transportation and DR) and its contents shall be the Purchaser.
3.2. Buyer's Responsibility:
3.2.1. The buyer is solely responsible for the content of education, the preservation of dogs since leaving the territory of the Seller.
3.2.2. Buyer assumes responsibility for the contents of dogs in accordance with the basic provisions of the law "On protection of animals."
3.2.3. The buyer must have purchased in good faith Dog: give your puppy a varied and balanced diet, regular walks, timely vaccination and deworming. In case of need, to provide quality and efficient puppy veterinary care (treatment only licensed veterinary institutions). Avoid uncontrolled access to the street, as well as ill-treatment.
3.2.4. Buyer assumes responsibility for the deaths of dogs by accident, misuse, theft, force majeure.
Which may arise disputes, the Parties undertake to solve through direct negotiations, in a spirit of harmony and mutual understanding, with the connection, if necessary, experts for this canine breed.

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