Working or Show? Pet or Show?

Our Deneb-Keitos Puppies.
All of our puppies are raised in our home with constant attention from the day they are born. They are kept in a contained area that can be moved to wherever we are for maximum exposure to sights, sounds and people. Stress stimuli is introduced as early as 3 days old and continued until 16 days old. Environmental socialization is continued from there including different surfaces (linoleum, wood, carpet, lattice, plastic tarps, etc), people of all ages, different sounds (gun shots, sirens, etc) and as many different situations as we can creatively choose for them. It is important that you continue this strenuous course of socialization for the rest of the pups development.

No puppies raised in kennels ?


At Deneb-Keitos Kennel, we do not have litters available all year long. We believe it takes time and research to produce quality litters and our frequency of breeding reflects that. While we do not keep a bunch of dogs at any given time, we use the resources of outside kennels whose dogs may best compliment ours. Most of our puppies are sold in advance but if you would like to be added to our puppy waiting list, please feel free to call and discuss it with us.
Working or Show?
At Deneb-Keitos Kennel, our first goal is to produce , functional companion guardians. For all of our breeding dogs, we expect a certain level of drive, nerve and courage. They pass a basic working temperament test before they can be used for breeding. Those of you interested in showing, obedience, agility, weight pull or any other non protection sport type of activity, these companion guardians are well suited for just such tasks.
People who are looking for a Protection Sport candidate need and expect more from their dog. These elite Deneb-Keitos will come from specific pairings that have proven themselves to have not only the ability to stand their ground when threatened and protect the property on which they live, they have also a higher level of drive and athleticism needed for the rigors of sport work. Be careful what you ask for as these puppies may not always make for the normally calm family dog the usually does.
All of our dogs are guaranteed to be capable family companions and guardians but due to the variance in training, socialization and other environmental factors, we can not guarantee a dog will get a title in any official protection sport.
Pet or Show?
Although we strive for 'perfect' puppies, in all litters there are pet quality puppies. This does not mean they wont make great pets, this just means they have a minor type or  fault that prevents them from showing and or breeding. These puppies will be offered at a reduced cost . The decision on whether to pick a show quality vs. pet quality can easily be summed up by asking yourself if you want to breed the dog somewhere in the future. If not, then a pet quality is the way for you to go. If you may want to breed the dog sometime, pick a show quality animal and prepare to go through a lot of work to ascertain whether or not the dog really adds a positive thing to the gene pool. All pups sold as show/breed quality should pass hip and temperament evaluation prior to breeding. We are not in the business of setting up back yard breeders or adding to a puppy millers brood stock but we would love to help you do the right thing to become a positive force in the breeding world.
We Strive to be Better in All Aspects.
It is our goal to place our puppies with qualified owners. We may ask you a lot of questions, some you will not be used to being asked. We may offend you with some of these questions, be assured it is not our intention. Its very important for you to not only find out the right breed to fit your lifestyle but its important for us to find the right owner to fit our puppies. We like to stay in contact with the new owners of our puppies. If its a show quality puppy, we would like to help you get into showing if you are not already. If the working aspects are what you are interested in, we would like to help you find a good trainer, know about the dogs progress, hear about that big trial win. Dogs are a big part of our life, but they are not our livelihood. We consider the puppies we produce extensions of our breeding program. If we produce good quality puppies, that shows we've done things right.


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What is a ‘pet quality’ puppy?
We often get calls or e-mails from people looking to add a purebred dog to their households. More often than not, the caller or writer specifies that he wants ‘just a pet,’ so he doesn’t want to pay a lot of money for a puppy.
Just what do show/working dog breeders consider to be a pet quality puppy?
In shows, dogs are judged against a written standard that describes the ‘ideal’ specimen of that breed. Standards describe propor
tions, angles, size, bite, etc. which best enable the dog to perform the required task. Cosmetic requirements, such as coat color and type, eye color, etc. are also part of the standard.
Theoretically, ‘pet’ or ‘companion’ quality refers to dogs that vary from that standard in such a way that it would be difficult for that dog to finish its championship. ‘Pet’ or ‘companion’ quality does not refer to structural, health, or temperament problems that would impact the dog’s quality of life.
Why should a pet owner seek out a show/working dog breeder when purchasing ‘just a pet’?
Responsible breeders are knowledgeable about their breed, perform applicable health checks and certifications on their breeding dogs, socialize and evaluate their puppies, and stand by the dogs they sell. Dogs are chosen for breeding based on their genetic compatibility, not because “I have a female Golden, you have a male Golden, so....”
Responsible breeders will be there as a resource to the new owners, supplying information and general guidance if it is needed. They will be concerned about the welfare of that dog for the rest of its life, so they will want to be sure it’s the right home for that dog. Getting money for the dog and getting it out of their house is not their priority as it is with pet shops, brokers, or not-responsible breeders. Good breeders ask potential companion buyers lots of questions, and may even require references.
If you are committed to owning a top-quality Black Russian Terrier and are capable of making the commitment this type of dog deserves, please consider a puppy from DENEB-KEITOS.


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