History of the kennel "Deneb-Keitos"

Russian black Terrier - this sounds proudly! This is the beauty, strength and courage, nobility and generosity, tenderness and sensitivity, fun and amazing stamina, outstanding intellect and balance, communication, and fast adaptation to any situation, this is the favorite of the any show. This incorruptible one, which can be fully and unconditionally trust, universal furry genius, wonderful creation of nature and man – all the Russian black Terrier.

to Treat it should be the responsibility of, respect, and love - only then he will reveal to you your heart of gold and will bring a lot of joy, becoming an irreplaceable friend. Believe me, you just don't have time for the disease and boredom.

Kennel “Deneb-KEITOS” - a professional nursery of RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIERS. The nursery was organized in 1997 in Kemerovo .

It all started with the first чернышки
ЕVELIKA DE VIRFOL , which was brought from Moscow and marked the beginning of the breeding of this remarkable breed in our country. Since then I never for a second part with this remarkable breed.
A serious approach and planning breeding activities have allowed me to achieve excellent results.

Our kennel has good traditions. Dogs of our kennel many times won at many exhibitions in Russia and abroad and won the highest rewards.
Our Champions, winners of exhibitions and manufacturers are aware of many lovers of the breed in Russia and abroad. Some of our manufacturers are successfully used in the tribal work of Russian and foreign nurseries clubs. For many years of successful work of our kennel became well-known not only in Russia and the CIS, but also abroad. Our BRT live in many countries of the World. Geography of their residence, great: Russia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Holland, Denmark, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy,Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Belgium, Austria.
Many of them successfully participate in breeding and win on the world of the show.

The best manufacturers "Deneb-KEITOS" occupied a place of honor in the Kennel. Breeding in the farm has always been and will be oriented to the maximal new blood with the purpose of formation of selected uterine livestock, as the basis of any professional breeding.

in all The years of work of the kennel there are many like-minded people who have become full-fledged partners of the kennel "Deneb-KEITOS". All of them help me in the promotion of our common cause.

In total for 15 years, the kennel, our dogs have won more than 250 titles of Champions and winners. I am very grateful to all the owners of Deneb-KEITOS, actively participating in the exhibition life of the kennel! Guys, of the victories of Your dogs is the success of the kennel! THANK you so much!

Our manufacturers – Champions of many countries, which the whole world knows. Our puppies live in many countries of the well-known breeders with a world name

In breeding work, the choice of the producers we pay attention not only to the exterior of the quality of the dogs, but also on health , psyche and temperament. In a mandatory manner all our dogs are tested for dysplasia, trainings. For us is not an obstacle to the place of residence of a dog, and therefore many of the crossings are carried out at the exit, with dogs as much as possible suitable for our производительниц. Because of this all of our puppies are a great exterior,  balanced psyche, very sociable, balanced, perfectly adapted to any, even stressful situations, perfectly protect the owners and their property.



And, of course, a big part in the development of the kennel occupy breeders. I was very lucky and in the beginning of the way I met wonderful people . They all have the same passion for the breed and do everything for its development and the good of the kennel. Thanks to our enthusiasts and breeders of our dogs have learned in many countries of the world. I am infinitely grateful to all our friends kennel. As it says "the fisherman fisherman" and in our kennel attracted more and more wonderful people, great-growing puppies, exhibiting them and interested in breeding work. I am very glad, that our big and friendly family "Deneb-KEITOS" is growing and growing with each new litter, with each new puppy.


Our kennel has branches in different cities .

These branches are headed by the devotees breed of people , which I am very, very grateful for their work !

Kennel joined the owners of the best dogs of Siberia.

Our kennel closely cooperate with many Russian nurseries, as well as some foreign nurseries. We have purposefully buying puppies for breeding work as Russian nurseries, as well as foreign. This is a great trust in our breeding program and we are grateful for the trust of our colleagues.



You need advice about the breed, about puppies or just an advice? Call us and come to us. We will be always glad to a great dogs and good people.

we employ only highly-qualified specialists.

Puppies of kennel we guarantee a lifetime of patronage and comprehensive assistance in the cultivation, consultations, preparation for the exhibitions, trainings, on request we organize show-career of your dog.

All puppies are sold with a complete set of documents, grafted on age, are branded, grown for high-quality pet foods, socially adapted.


More in detail with dogs kennel You can get on the relevant pages of the site.
Join us and Your Deneb-KEITOS
will make You happy for many years!



Natalia Stolbova

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