Black Terrier of Russia

Black Terrier from Russia - this is a very ambiguous dog. They say that once upon a time there was an old Russian breed of this type. But as we could see, this ancient breed in any case could not be a founder of the black Terriers.

the Nature of this dog is ambiguous. Gifted with an innate sense of protection, it can be very energetic and determined in the work, and at the same time in the family - a calm and very gentle companion.

the similarity of the appearance of the black Terrier with Flanders Bouvier is puzzling, because Bouvier - a herder's dog, and it is not included in the number of the founders of the mysterious Russian dogs.


it is Known that after the creation of this breed, and soon after the end of the second world war, she was transferred to the Soviet Army. Since then, the breeding of black Terriers was under the control of the state and protected as a military secret; there was an absolute prohibition on the export of these dogs from the country.


This explains why for a long time in the world did not know about the existence of this breed. The exception was only Finland, which, taking advantage of certain privileges, could receive black Terriers already since 1960.


Russian black Terrier for the first time exhibited at the exhibition in Holland in the early 80-ies....Mr. Pearson Монтфорт dreamed of finding a dog similar in appearance to a cross between a poodle, what he had in his childhood. Seeing the Russian black Terrier, he instantly fell in love with him. These feelings is shared, and his wife. So the Монтфорт were the owners of the dogs brought from Russia. So there is no doubt that all the ancestors of black Terriers - it is of Russian origin.


In order to understand, why is the Soviet Army so willingly bought black Terriers, it is enough to remember their origins. The service role, which was played black Terriers, was to protect the military and administrative objects. Selection of a unique black has contributed to the fact that the dog was absolutely invisible at night.


Fair to assume that the black Terrier has a very lively and often unpredictable reaction. But at the same time he does not use without the need for their inherent wickedness and prefers to keep the enemy at distance, without resorting to no barking, nor to growl.


In fact, this is a very sociable dog, she is benevolent to the guests, if they are benevolent master. It is quite tolerant of other dogs, but under the condition that these do not show aggression. In addition, the black Terrier is prone to patronage over the smaller - be it a child or a dog. So, the ten-year neighbor spouses Монтфорт regularly прогуливает their dogs with black Terriers, and this does not create any problems.


"Adult black Terrier, - says Ms. Pearson Монтфорт, - very cool. He tends to dominate over others, which, however, common to all dogs. But if he was brought up based on consistency and firmness, with age it becomes very balanced, trying to please her master."...


Susceptibility to learning makes this dog is very stable. Contrary to popular belief black Terrier of Russia does not tolerate the rough relation to itself, even with the owner, he is particularly sensitive to injustice. Ms. Pearson Монтфорт recalls how her black Terrier resolutely acted as an intermediary between the Belgian sheep-dog and its master, and when it severely punished. Black Terrier just looked into the eyes of the master of the shepherd, and that was enough.


In communion with the black Terrier must be borne in mind that if you are not the owner of the dog in the full sense of the word, that the master is bound to become your dog. And for this it will make all the stubbornness, inherited from her Terrier.


Perhaps due to the fact that the ancestors of the black Terrier is aired, he sometimes very well playing in the Terrier. So, when the black Terriers get to the loopholes in the door, which Ms. Pearson Монтфорт made for their селигамских Terriers, they are trying to put a loophole in the head. And if you were able to get his head, then in the end, can squeeze through there whole!


Martine Castelan

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