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What is a ‘pet quality’ puppy?

We often get calls or e-mails from people looking to add a purebred dog to their households. More often than not, the caller or writer specifies that he wants ‘just a pet,’ so he doesn’t want to pay a lot of money for a puppy.

The most reliable source of a puppy is a responsible breeder who has titled his dogs in confirmation and /or working modalities, does health checks, breeds for good temperament, according to the breed standard and backs up his puppies with a contract and a health guarantee.


Just what do show/working dog breeders consider to be a pet quality puppy?

In shows, dogs are judged against a written standard that describes the ‘ideal’ specimen of that breed. Standards describe proportions, angles, size, bite, etc. which best enable the dog to perform the required task. Cosmetic requirements, such as coat color and type, eye color, etc. are also part of the standard.

Theoretically, ‘pet’ or ‘companion’ quality refers to dogs that vary from that standard in such a way that it would be difficult for that dog to finish its championship. ‘Pet’ or ‘companion’ quality does not refer to structural, health, or temperament problems that would impact the dog’s quality of life.

Why should a pet owner seek out a show/working dog breeder when purchasing ‘just a pet’?

Responsible breeders are knowledgeable about their breed, perform applicable health checks and certifications on their breeding dogs, socialize and evaluate their puppies, and stand by the dogs they sell. Dogs are chosen for breeding based on their genetic compatibility, not because “I have a female Golden, you have a male Golden, so....”

Responsible breeders will be there as a resource to the new owners, supplying information and general guidance if it is needed. They will be concerned about the welfare of that dog for the rest of its life, so they will want to be sure it’s the right home for that dog. Getting money for the dog and getting it out of their house is not their priority as it is with pet shops, brokers, or not-responsible breeders. Good breeders ask potential companion buyers lots of questions, and may even require references.

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